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IMPORTANT CHANGES FOR DIVISION I ATHLETES GRADUATING IN 2016 AND BEYOND!!!  There are new NCAA academic requirements. Click here to view the updates.

Toro athletes who are interested in playing college sports at NCAA Division I or II schools should carefully follow these steps. Start immediately, and plan to complete these steps before the end of your Junior year.

1. Make an appointment with your counselor to review your credits, calculate your core GPA and check your SAT or ACT scores. With your counselor, determine which NCAA requirements you still need to fulfill, review MVHS approved courses and complete the NCAA worksheet.

2. Take the PSAT in October of your Junior year, both for practice and to predict your SAT score. Take the SAT and/or ACT in the Spring of your Junior year. Register online ( or at least six weeks before the test dates. Request to send scores directly to the NCAA Eligibility Center. Use code 9999.

3. Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.  Carefully follow the instructions for registration and payment. Record your PIN number in a safe place--you will need it to access your files. Print out copies of everything in case you need it later!

4. See the registration clerk by the attendance office to have your transcript sent to NCAA or send your transcript electronically through Parchment. The NCAA wants your sixth semester grades to be included, so do this near the end of your Junior year. 

5. If you take dual credit courses taught on a college campus, have the college send official transcripts to the NCAA Eligibility Center at the same time as you have them sent to Mountain View. 

6. Shortly before graduation, order a final transcript to be sent to NCAA. 

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