2021-2022 Registration Updates

Mountain View Community:

To maintain safety guidelines and limit the overall number of people on campus, we ask parents and visitors to make appointments prior to visiting campus, including registration.  

We have compiled a document  to answer your questions in regards to all aspects of registration so please read the following information carefully.

1. If you need to register your student, please contact either Debbie Cutler at dacutler@mpsaz.org or call (480-472-6948) or Lynn Johnson at ldjohnson2@mpsaz.org (480-472-6938) and they will either email you the registration documents, or if you don’t have a printer, they will make an appointment for you to come into the school and fill out the forms.  

In addition to those forms, if you are coming from another school in the MPS district, you will need to supply withdrawal forms from the school including withdrawal grades and proof of residence (i.e. a current bill with the date, your name and address on the bill or your rental agreement or residence purchase).  

If you are coming from outside MPS (either in-state or out-of-state) you will need to bring in these documents in addition to the registration forms:  birth certificate, immunizations, withdrawal paperwork including withdrawal grades, unofficial transcript and proof of residence (i.e. a current bill with the date, your name and address on the bill or your rental agreement or residence purchase). 

You will need to bring all forms and documents at the same time to prevent additional appointments which will delay your student’s enrollment. 

2. If you need to withdraw your student please call or email Lynn Johnson ldjohnson2@mpsaz.org  (480-472-6938) to make an appointment to drop off your student’s computer, charger, stylus pen (if have one) and any books or school equipment  you may have.  If you are going to another MPS facility, you will be able to take the computer with you, but you may still need to come in to sign documents.

3. If you have graduated and need a transcript sent to a college, please use this link.  If you are in need of a copy of your transcript for any other reason please contact Lynn Johnson at ldjohnson2@mpsaz.org  (480-472-6938) and she will set up  an appointment for you to come to the campus.

4. If you need any other documents including social security or school profile, please call Lynn Johnson at ldjohnson2@mpsaz.org  (480-472-6938). 



Appointments are available from 7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday – Friday

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we comply with the district’s safety protocols. We look forward to serving you efficiently and safely. Please help us abide by the district guidelines by complying with our appointment policy. 

If you still have questions, please request an in person or remote appointment by contacting Deb Cutler dacutler@mpsaz.org or Lynn Johnson ldjohnson2@mpsaz.org.