Picture of Angie MarisMs. Angie Maris
Phone: (480) 308-5704
Room: 804
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I was born and raised in the Chicago area where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Northern Illinois University. I moved to Phoenix in 1994 with hopes of getting a PhD in Psychology. I ended up working at a residential treatment center for troubled teens for 4 years and gravitated towards the education component of the program. I eventually returned to school at Arizona State University to get certified to teach secondary mathematics and earn a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on English as a Second Language. This will be my 17thyear teaching mathematics.  

While there are many components to my job, the most important thing I do is prepare and provide quality lessons for my students. Most rules in my classroom are there to encouraging students to stay engaged with the learning of the day. I am a pretty strict teacher who can be silly and fun at times. If a class is well-behaved, I can be silly and fun more often. If a class is loud and talkative, I know minor distractions will turn into major ones. So, I am stricter in those classes. The math is why we are there after all.  : )  


Student Help Times:

Monday - 1st lunch
Tuesday - after school
Wednesday - 1st lunch
Thursday - after school
Friday - none

Teaching Schedule

Period 1 – Algebra 2

Period 2 – Algebra 2

Period 3 – Algebra 1

Period 4 – Algebra 1

Period 5 – Planning Hour

Period 6 – Algebra 2