Sra. Allyson Van Voris

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Phone: (480) 308-5725

El Horario: 2017-2018

Español 1: A hour 6:45-7:55 (No Wednesdays)

Español 2: 1st hour 8:00-9:01

Español 2: 2nd hour 9:07-10:05

Español 2: 4th hour 11:54-12:52

Español 2: 5th hour 12:56-1:54


Availability for student tutoring: Daily during 1st lunch, after school by appointment only


Availability for make-ups: Daily during 1st or 2nd lunch, A hour, after school by appointment only


Availability for phone calls: Daily from 10:10-11:40, after 2:00PM until 2:40PM

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Sra Van Voris dressed for ren fair

Many years ago the principal of Shepherd Junior High took a chance on hiring a bright, young teacher fresh out of college and that's how I began my career with Mesa Public Schools.

Ever since I was a child I wanted to be a teacher.  Throughout my elementary years I watched my teachers, mimicked what they did and would go home and play "school" with my playmates, always assuming the role as the teacher.  In school, I was the student who was asked to tutor others in the class and was relied on to show new students "the ropes".

Though I always wanted to be a teacher, the subject changed over the years.  First I wanted to teach biology, then it was English.  During high school I made the decision to become a Spanish teacher.  I was greatly influenced by my own Spanish teacher, Sra. Truett, who served as my role model.  In fact, some of the strategies and techniques I use in my class I learned from her!

First, I attended Phoenix College as a student in their Honor's Program.  Once I received my AA, I Sra VV and baby deerattended the University of Arizona (no jokes, please - I am a proud Wildcat).  The summer before I graduated I attended school in Guadalajara, Mexico.  During my summer there I had the pleasure of visiting Mexico City, Puebla and Guanajuato (they have a museum dedicated to mummies dug up from the local graveyard).  I graduated from UofA with a BA in secondary education with a major in Spanish and a minor in bilingual education.  I specifically went to school to be a high school Spanish teacher.  Talk about living the dream!

I began my career at Shepherd Junior High in 1995 when Shepherd was one of the largest junior highs in the state. Being a novice teacher, there was so much to learn and, at times, it was overwhelming.  However, I was guided by some of Mesa's best and their support and expertise have made me the teacher I am today.

In 2004 I earned my master's in Multicultural Education from Northern Arizona University (yes, I snubbed ASU once again).  I am now able to teach English as a Second Language, though I have no desire to leave the World Language Department.  It's nice to know I have something to fall back on in case the Spanish gig doesn't work out. 

Sra VV petting a dophin

I've grown so much since that first year.  I've learned volumes of strategies, techniques and methods and have given back to the profession that has given so much to me by guiding four student teachers, mentoring two student interns, advising numerous novice teachers, teaching district workshops and sharing whatever little teaching "tricks" I can to make teaching motivating and enjoyable for all.


But life isn't all about work (though I have been called a workaholic by more than one person).  I enjoy reading, playing video games, downloading the latest app on my iPad, spending as much time with my family and friends as I can, movies, kayaking, gardening and getting away whenever possible.  I am also deeply involved with volunteering for Arizona Adopt A Greyhound.  I have 3 greyhounds - Odin, Echo and Jasper - and just adopted #4, Reddy (yes, all retired racers). From October to January, I can be found around the valley volunteering at different events, and during February and March I can be seen out at the Arizona Renaissance Festival in Gold Canyon (yes, in full garb) as a member of The Greyhound Guild.

Sra VV and greyhounds echo odin and jasper

My years with MPS have been happy, insightful and valuable, but, most importantly, fun.  I hope when your student leaves to move on to bigger things that he/she will look back on his/her time in Mesa Public Schools and say the same thing, and I hope that I was a part of it.