Mr. Jesus Arzaga

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Who am I (Quién Soy)...

Hola y bienvenidos a la clase de Sr. Arzaga. In a few words I am a coach who loves baseball and a Spanish teacher who loves his families hispanic background. I am married to my beautiful wife Kelsey Arzaga and have three wonderful children; Adrian and Annabelle (twins- 3yrs. old) and Bryssa (1 yr. old). I have a B.A in Spanish with emphasis in Secondary Education and have received my M.A in Coaching and Athletic Administration. 


This will be my 2nd year teaching Spanish, one year at Desert Mountain and this upcoming year here at Mountain View. Teaching became one of my dream jobs when I believed to take an easy route and just Major in Spanish. What I did not know... was, what was I going to do with the language so I decided to become a teacher. Since, I was a baseball coach at heart I thought it would be the same as teaching and now being a teacher and coach for the last 5 years, I was correct. I have been coaching baseball for the last 5 years, 1 year at the high school level and this being my 2nd here at Mtn. View and a total of 4 years at the college level. 


But enough of my teaching, coaching and life background because this is an Espanol class. In this class you will be learning the basics of Espanol 1, which means being able to speak and write at a level where you will be comfortable around native speakers. Although being a level 1 course, I will push you hard to learn and become a person that wants to pursue a 2nd language, in this case Espanol. My goal as a teacher is to have you want to come to my class everyday and learn; the second is for you to have fun learning a new language, as I know this can be difficult and challenging.