"Photography helps people to see"  Berenice Abbott

Mr Jeffery

Mr. Jon Jeffery
Digital Photography Teacher
Mountain View Staff Since 2005
MEd  CTE Photo Imaging;
BS Dual Photography & Advertising
Northern Arizona University
Adobe Certified Associate 
Skills USA Advisor/Sponsor for Photography 
(Full Bio) 

email Mr Jeffery

Click Here 
Phone 480 472-7104 


Current Class Schedule 

Period 1:  "Intermediate" Digital Photography (AR22) and Advanced Digital Photography (AR23)

Period 2:  Intro to Digital Photography (AR21)

Period 3: Intro to Digital Photography (AR21)

Period 4  Intro to Digital Photography (AR21) 2nd Lunch 

Period 5:  Intro to Digital Photography (AR21)

Period 6: Intro to Digital Photography (AR21)

All MVHS classes are held in room 404.
Mr. Jeffery is available for extra help and open lab 
M,T, Th, & F from 7:30 till 8:00am
and from 3:00 to 3:30pm daily.


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