Mr. Sullivan              Email:      Phone: (480) 472-7106rm
Jewelry Teacher      Assistant Coach Joe Sullivan                Room 403

Mountain View High School – 1992- Present
Graduated Washington H.S. Fremont Ca.
Mesa Community College
- AA Degree
Graduated Arizona State University - BA Art Ed.
University of Phoenix University -
Do you know who is flipping this skateboard?
Yes! Its Rodney Mullen on a skateboard Mr. Sullivan made for him.

Fall Schedule
Period 1     Beginning Jewelry
Period 2     Intermediate/Advanced Jewelry
Period 3     Beginning Jewelry
Period 4     Beginning Jewelry                   
Period 5     Beginning Jewelry
Period 6     PREP     
Spring Schedule                   
Period 1     Beginning Jewelry
Period 2     Intermediate/Advanced Jewelry
Period 3     Intermediate/Advanced Jewelry
Period 4     Beginning Jewelry
Period 5     Beginning Jewelry
Period 6     AAPE Track and Field
Students needing extra help
Before School,Second Lunch or after school first semester




                                                                                       JEWELRY CLUB

"Beginning Jewelry was the most wonderful experience of my life."
Andrea Ronvik - Oslo,Norway  (exchange student)