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Why am I a Career and Technical Education Teacher and why do I teach?

Jerry RichardsonI teach because I believe that all students need to be prepared for employment. In our current economic climate, obtaining and keeping a job has become a survival skill. I believe all students want to do well, they just need to be inspired. What our economy needs most is innovators who will invent the future. I believe that my students with the right training can be those innovators. I believe that leadership skills are essential and students must be given the opportunity to practice leadership. I believe that with leadership practice, my students will gain the necessary confidence to be a leader in a major corporation or a business of their own..

I prepare students for a job by providing hands on training using real world business experiences. My classes incorporate the core standards for reading, writing, mathematics, and technology. Students also develop fundamental and specific business skills that will help them become entrepreneurs, risk takers who use land, labor and capital to grow our economy. It begins with learning to be a leader. Leadership training takes place by participating in our Career and Technical Student Organization, Future Business Leaders of America, and Toastmasters meetings. The world is constantly changing and the students who have self-confidence will be able to adapt and lead the way.

I teach Career and Technical Education classes in the discipline of Software Development. These computer based business courses provide my students with an opportunity to develop job skills in the following areas: leadership, communication, decision making, and critical thinking. These skills along with a thoughtful career plan will not only help them secure a job of their choosing but also afford the opportunity to be selective of a job that is a right fit for them.



    Class Schedule for 2016-2017   


Period Time Course Title           Room  
A 6:45 - 7:55 None
1 8:00 - 9:01 Computer Tech Foundations

2 9:08 -10:06 Video Game Development

3 10:13 -11:11 Computer Tech Foundations

4 11:18 -12:16 Prep
  12:16 -12:56 "B" Lunch 

5 12:56 -1:54 GradPoint/Credit Recovery

6 2:01-3:00 GradPoint/Credit Recovery

7 3:00-6:00 GradPoint/Credit Recovery








 Mr RichardsonBorn and raised in Sibley, IL (home of the largest ear corn cribs in the world, Sibley also had the best hotel between Chicago and St.Louis during the 1880's). Graduated from Melvin-Sibley High School in a class of 35 students, most of whom went to school together for all 12 grades.

I attended the University of Illinois for two years majoring in Engineering and then switching to Business Accounting. I then transferred to Arizona State University and graduated with a BS in Business Administration - Finance with a minor in Social Studies.

For the next 14 years, I worked in business and industry in the fields of Management and Marketing. I have managed a retail store and a branch office for a construction company in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas. During my business career, I have made over 10,000 sales calls and was responsible for 10-12 employees as well as all aspects of business operations.  

Along the way, I discoverd I had a gift for training and development so I returned to college and obtained a teaching credential and a Masters Degree in Education from Chapman University in the area of Curriculum and Instruction. Subsequently, I have continued my education in the areas of technology, teaching methods, as well as teaching English as a Second Language.

I now have the best job I have ever had, teaching business and technology courses at Mountain View High School inspiring young adults to take charge of their own learning and build their own personal brand..

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