Miss Margaret Duhlstine

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My name is Margaret Duhlstine and as a graduate from Mesa Public Schools, I am proud to be teaching here at Mountain View. This is my fifth year at Mountain View and my sixth year of teaching overall. As a self-proclaimed nerd I can often be found spending my free time reading, watching T.V. or going to the latest movie release. My favorite genre of book and film is science fiction. 

As a Special Education teacher and Arizona State University graduate (2015), I am highly qualified in all the areas I teach. It is my personal goal to inspire students to learn to love reading, or to at least gain an appreciation for the English language. It took me time to truly love it, but now it is my passion and I hope to encourage my students to improve their reading and writing abilities. 

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Daily Schedule

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  • Freshman Essentials of English
  • Freshman Essentials of English
  • Career Planning Strategies
  • Prep
  • Freshman English (Co-Taught)
  • Freshman English (Co-Taught)

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