Meg HowMeg's Photoell-Haymaker

* English Teacher
* Speech and Debate Coach
* Commencement Address Committee
* AZ National Speech & Debate Association District Chair
* 2016 NSDA National Coach of the Year
* National Speech and Debate Association Hall of Fame
* Arizona Speech and Debate Coaches' Association Hall of Fame

EDUCATION:  I graduated from Alamogordo High School in Alamogordo, New Mexico in 1978. In 1982 I graduated from the University of New Mexico with BFA in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in Acting and Directing.  After teaching in Cuba, New Mexico and then my hometown of Alamogordo, I moved to Tempe to attend ASU.  While working on a MA in the Department of Communication, I coached the ASU Forensics Team as part of my Graduate Assistantship. I then taught at Gilbert High School before coming to Mountain View High School in 1991.  In 2002 I left to teach at Albuquerque Academy, but in 2007, I found my way home to Toro Nation.  

SPEECH & DEBATE:  Throughout my 32 years as a coach, my teams have won seven state championships and fourteen NSDA District Trophies.  I have been fortunate to have 148 students qualify to compete at NSDA Nationals.  Many reached elimination rounds and ten students have had the honor of speaking in various final rounds.  Additionally, one student become the American Legion National Champion, and I also coached six students to collegiate National Championships.  In 2011, I was honored by being inducted into both the National Speech and Debate Association Coach Hall of Fame and the Forensic League of Arizona Coach Hall of Fame. In 2016, I was named the National Speech and Debate Association National Coach of the Year.

While my students are the focus of my daily work, I also serve as a leader amongst my peers.  During my time in New Mexico and Arizona, I have been elected as the NSDA District Chair 12 times and was also the New Mexico Speech and Debate Association President.

My philosophy of coaching is simple:  I will coach any student who has drive, even if finding their forensic strengths is an initial struggle.  Because I understand high school students and their wide array of needs, I try to be present both as coach and personal adviser.  Even if the student attends another school and competes against my own team, I willingly coach any student whenever asked.  Simply, there has never been a student I will not help.  I care about students and about forensics….and have seen the transformations that occur when the two are combined.

FAMILY & HOBBIES:  Randy, my husband, was a member of the first graduating class at Mountain View, and we ironically met at Mountain View.  We have one wonderful child, oh, I mean dog--Bailey.  Sweet Bailey is doing her best to fill the void in my heart after losing Boomer (12) in the summer of 16 and Kiwi (13) this past July. Bailey brings me so much happiness and is my constant shadow the moment I return home.  When the she is not the center of my attention, I love to spend time cooking, reading, traveling and doing all kinds of arts and crafts including painting, photography, and mosiac glass work. 

Meg with Boomer and Kiwi