I grew up in Rochester, MN, world famous home of the Mayo Clinic, a mammoth IBM plant and approximately 33,000 Giant Canadian geese!  Graduated from John Marshall High School in 1978, and five short years later and with credits from no less than a dozen institutions of higher education, earned a B.S. in Agribusiness from Arizona State University.

Started my professional life as a loan collector at First Interstate Bank and after working in Loan Collections earned an appointment to the prestigious First Interstate Bank Management Training Program.  Subsequently worked in a number of areas (Loan Collections, Audit,  Agriculture, Loan Review) before moving onto Valley National Bank., becoming a commercial loan officer and earning a M.S. in Agribusiness from A.S.U.  In 1993, a career change opportunity occurred and resulted in this job of a lifetime.

This is my 28th year of teaching, and as it turns out, that runs in the family.  My wife (retired 31 year teacher from MPS) and oldest son (River View H.S.) both are veterans of Mesa Public Schools and my youngest son is teaching at Basha High School in Chandler.  Every day of teaching is an adventure and a pleasure here at Mountain View High School.  Working with the best faculty and student body around makes me count my blessings.