Mr. William Scarano

Mr. Scarano standing in front of Lake Crescent in upstate Washington.

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Born and raised in the valley, I attended Mesa Public Schools as a student before eventually graduating from Mountain View (go Toros!) and later receiving my BA in English Language Arts (Secondary Education) from ASU's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. A few other pieces of information to know about me is that I am a voracious reader (always taking recommendations), avid coffee drinker, and a fan of travel and the great outdoors. Growing up, I toured to 13 countries in Europe and numerous states across the U.S. as a member of the Phoenix Boys Choir, which opened my eyes to seeing education in a global light beyond the four walls of my own cultural box. In the near future, I am thoroughly excited to begin this new school year with you all to discuss, write, and inquire about the complex and readily applicable world of English Language Arts through the lenses of texts from across the world. 

Again, I am thrilled to be among other returning and incoming Toros on this terrific Campus of Champions. For specific information regarding classroom policies, procedures, and expectations, please refer to the appropriate course syllabus, which is accessible through Canvas. Also on Canvas will be a class calendar of lessons, assignments, and tests updated on a weekly basis for parents and students to access. Please familiarize yourself with the Canvas website--this will be one of your greatest "hacks for success" with regard to the hybrid online/on-paper nature of this course. Every day, students are expected to bring a fully-charged student laptop to school to use in their classes; this class is no exception. To best prepare for each day, please also come to school with writing utensils (pencils, pens) and college-ruled sheets of lined paper. 

Below is my class schedule and office hours for the coming Fall 2021 semester. We will cover a lot in the weeks to come, but we will take the journey one step at a time. Let's make it a great year! 


Period A: Senior English

Period 1: Prep

Period 2: Freshman English

Period 3: Freshman English

Period 4: Toro-Time/Office Hours/Lunch

Period 5: Freshman English

Period 6: Freshman English

Period 7: Prep