Mrs. Windi Velarde                       The scientific credibility of Economics | Political Economy |

Class Schedule for 2021-2022

Period 1 Prep

Period 2 Economics

Period 3 Economics

Period 4 Toro Time/office hour and Lunch

Period 5 Economics

Period 6 Economics

Period 7 Economics

 Who is Mrs. Velarde?

I have been teaching longer than I like to admit.  I like to lie about my age.  When I tell everyone I am 29 and have three boys ages 28, 25, and 20 they are quickly doing math.  What a great thing for a teacher!  Honestly, I have been teaching in one capacity or another for over 20 years.  I have a degree from ASU in accounting. I worked in many different aspects of business including personal and business taxes, retirement funds, as well as other accounting areas.  After leaving the business field, I was a substitute teacher for six years.  Due to my passion for teaching, I returned to school to earn a teaching certificate and finished my master’s in secondary education.  I am highly qualified in Economics, Government, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Career and Technical Education: Business and Marketing.  When I am not teaching or taking a class, I like to speed walk, treasure hunt (yard sale), decorate, watch old movies and play with my family. 

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