Guitar Music Program

Beginning Guitar (offered at the junior high and senior high levels) introduces the guitar and playing techniques for the instrument. The course includes reading notes and rhythms. Students play basic chords using examples from folk and classical music.

Intermediate Guitar (offered at the junior high and senior high levels) includes a review of basic guitar skills. More advanced chords, rhythms and harmony techniques are studied. Students learn to perform in popular and classical styles.

Advanced Guitar (offered at senior high) is a continuation of Intermediate Guitar. Emphasis is on advanced note reading and rhythms, use of upper positions and solo playing. Individual and group studies are included. Public performance is a possibility.

Advanced Music Theory Program

Music Theory is for the serious, advanced music student who wishes to broaden his/her scope in the science and fundamentals of music theory. Included is the study of harmony, music history, conducting, composition and arranging. AP Music Theory is a full-year, weighted class which prepares students for the AP Theory Exam in the spring. Students must pass the fall semester in order to continue in the spring.

Summer Music

The summer music program is designed to supplement music classes offered during the school year. Classes are held at a variety of times and locations throughout the city. Check the schedules listed and choose the program that is most convenient for you.

These schedules are subject to change or cancellation depending on the class enrollment. If a schedule is changed and a conflict arises, the student may transfer enrollment to another school or request a refund through the first week of classes. Programs which do not meet the minimum enrollment will be cancelled. Enroll early to help insure a program at the school of your choice.

If you have any questions which the school's instrumental music teacher is unable to answer, call the Mesa Public Schools Music Office:(308-7350).