Native American Education Program

Graduation Video

We are releasing a Native American Graduate video on Thursday May 21 @ 5pm. Please join us in celebrating our 2020 graduates! grad cap

Covid19 Community Crisis Resources

attentionThe Arizona Department of Education has asked School Districts to share crisis, substance abuse and suicide prevention information with Native American students and their communities. 

This information can be reviewed online and printable flier

Program Information

The Native American Education Program (NAEP) consists of multi-funded,  supplemental supports intended to meet the special academic and cultural needs of Native American students in the areas of reading, math and attendance.

Parent Advisory Committee & Family Culture Night

NAEP partners with the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) and is composed of:

  • Parents and guardians of Native American students
  • A teacher representative
  • Secondary student
Family Culture Night immediately follows PAC meetings. 

Program Services Highlights

  • Eligible school related expenses for Jr/Sr high school students
  • Supplemental school supplies K-12
  • Referrals to tuition-free indigenous colleges for those that qualify
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Health & Wellness classes for adults & students
  • Indigenous language revitalization
  • Eaglewings Newsletter
  • Home & School Liaison Services
  • Native American Honor Society
  • Graduating Seniors Recognition
*Students must maintain academic and attendance criteria to receive program supports

Office: 480-472-0580

Mon - Fri 8:00 am to 4:30 pm 

How's Our Service? 

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NAEP Office
1025 North Country Club Drive
Mesa, AZ 85201
NAEP Eligibility Guidelines
  1. Must be a student enrolled in Mesa Public Schools. 
  2. Meets the student eligibility requirements as an "American Indian/Alaskan Native".
  3. Must file a Title VI Eligibility 506 Form with MPS NAEP office. 
Required Forms

Eligible students must complete the Title VI form and the JOM form if currently an active tribe/band member:

Title VI Form

JOM Form

  • Include a copy of the student's Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB)
  • One form per family