Native American Education Program

Program Information

The Native American Education Program (NAEP) consists of multi-funded,  supplemental supports intended to meet the special academic and cultural needs of Native American students in the areas of reading, math and attendance.

Parent Advisory Committee & Family Culture Night

NAEP partners with the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) and is composed of:

  • Parents and guardians of Native American students
  • A teacher representative
  • Secondary student
Family Culture Night immediately follows PAC meetings. 

Program Services Highlights

  • Eligible school related expenses for Jr/Sr high school students
  • Supplemental school supplies K-12
  • Referrals to tuition-free indigenous colleges for those that qualify
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Health & Wellness classes for adults & students
  • Indigenous language revitalization
  • Eaglewings Newsletter
  • Home & School Liaison Services
  • Native American Honor Society
  • Graduating Seniors Recognition
*Students must maintain academic and attendance criteria to receive program supports

Office: 480-472-0580

Mon - Fri 8:00 am to 4:30 pm 

How's Our Service? 

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NAEP Office
1025 North Country Club Drive
Mesa, AZ 85201
NAEP Eligibility Guidelines
  1. Must be a student enrolled in Mesa Public Schools. 
  2. Meets the student eligibility requirements as an "American Indian/Alaskan Native".
  3. Must file a Title VI Eligibility 506 Form with MPS NAEP office. 
Required Forms

Eligible students must complete the Title VI form and the JOM form if currently an active tribe/band member:

Title VI Form

JOM Form

  • Include a copy of the student's Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB)
  • One form per family