NAEP Summer School Assistance

NAEP offers assistance with one summer school class per student. NAEP will assist with 50% of the fee. Priority going to High School students moving ahead or to meet graduation requirements.


  •    Student must have a Title VII form on file with NAEP
  •    Student must be enrolled with MPS for the current school year
  •    Priority will be given to 11th grade students who need a class for graduation credit

     High School:      

  •    The summer school class CAN NOT be a credit recovery class
  •    Check with your high school adviser to see if your eligible for summer credit recovery classes at your school,
  •    The class must be academic, no Driver's Ed or electives, 
  •    The student may not have more than 1 F in the current school year
  •    The student must have good attendance 


 Student and/or Parent must pick and complete the summer school application, available at your school. 

 Complete with correct course information and bring it to the NAEP office.

  NAEP office will approve or deny scholarship (pending funding & student eligibility)

  NAEP will assist with ONE class 1st session only.

  NAEP office will send in registration form with scholarship info to Community Education and a copy will be provided to    Student/Parent to take to first day of summer school.


NAEP will not hold or promise any scholarships

Transportation to and from summer school is not provided

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Call to verify scholarship availability, Eleanor at (480) 472-0577 or email