Hoop of Learning

The Hoop of Learning Program is a high school bridge program that allows Native American high school students the opportunity to receive both high school and college credit. The goal of the Hoop of Learning program is to provide Native American high school students with the tools and initiative to increase academic achievement and provide a foundation for a successful transition onto college and other forms of higher education. The program is offered through the partnership of Maricopa Community College District, Mesa Community College, Scottsdale Community College, Gateway Community College and Mesa Public Schools. Students who choose to participate are provided with a scholarship to enroll in one or more college courses during the fall and spring semesters and in one five week summer program. Each semester students may earn up to 3 college credits and in a year may earn a total of 9-12 college credits: bringing the student closer to earning a college degree. Each participant must remain in good standing in college and in high school courses.

Program Requirements: (2016 - 2017 )

  • Currently enrolled 9th to 12th high school student.
  • High School (GPA) of 2.0. Higher consideration given to academic achievement and advanced placement courses.
  • Attendance to all orientation, registration, tutoring, and other activities.
  • Must have good attendance record.
  • Adherence to college policy and procedures.
  • Enrolled in Federally recognized tribe

 Program Benefits

  • Earn college credit
  • Earn high school credit (Approval must be granted. See high school counseling department for details)
  • Increase academic achievement
  • Scholarship purposes
  • Increase preparedness
  • Specialized advisement
  • Start on a career path
  • Interact with other students with the same goals

Program Contact Info
Mesa Community College: 480.461.7705
Scottsdale Community College: 480.423.6531
Chandler-Gilbert Community College: 480.732.7255


Scottsdale Community College Hoop of Learning

Mesa Community College Hoop of Learning

Chandler-Gilbert Community College Hoop of Learning