Tutees to Learn


           Know the subject matter well, and recognize the difficulty level of problems and



           Build rapport with your students, pay attention to their needs, and be empathetic. 


          Try to draw as much out of your students as possible. Make them active in the 

           learning process. Asking questions is the best technique. 


           Begin by working at a level of difficulty where the tutee is comfortable, then 

           challenge the tutee by systematically increasing the difficulty of the material you 



           Convey expectations in a polite and unobtrusive manner. Avoid being blunt; 

            instead give hints or ask questions. 


           Ask tutees to reflect on their progress by asking them to explain, summarize, or 

           write down what they have learned. This reinforces their new knowledge and 



           Motivate your students, not just to work hard, but also to feel challenged, 

           empowered, and curious about their learning. 

(The acronym “INSPIRE” summarizes the characteristics and strategies of expert tutors. 
It is taken from “Scaffolding Techniques of Expert Human Tutors”, by Lepper, Drake, 
and O’Donnell, Cambridge, MA: Brookline Books, 1998.) 55