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The Native American Education Program (NAEP) is comprised of 3 federal funding sources:

  • Title VI
  • Impact Aid 
  • Johnson O'Malley (JOM). 

They are intended to meet the special academic and cultural needs of Native American students in the areas of reading, math and attendance.

NAEP is operated with assistance from a Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) composed of parents and guardians of Native American students, a teacher representative and a secondary student. They advise the program director and district in the direction and implementation of the NAEP.

It is the intent of the Native American Education Program to supplement existing programs in the Mesa Public School District, not to take the place of them.

Eligibility Guidelines:

  1. Be an "American Indian/Alaskan Native' or a descendant of a biological parent or biological grandparent who is
    • A member(as defined by the Indian tribe or band) of an Indian tribe or band including those Indian tribes or bands or groups terminated since 1940: and those recognized by the state in which they reside; or
    • Considered by the Secretary of Interior to be an Indian for any purpose; or
    • An Eskimo or Aleut or other Alaska Native; or
    • A member of an organized Indian group that received a grant under the Indian Education Act of 1988, as it was in effect October 19, 1994.


  2. Must have a Title VI Eligibility 506 Form ( 506 Form ) on file with MPS NAEP office.  

  3. Student must be enrolled with Mesa Public Schools. 


  •  JOM forms are available for Native American students. A completed form and a copy of the student's Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) are required. One form per family.  

      Download JOM form (.pdf)

  • Title VI forms are for all Native American students enrolled with Mesa Public Schools. All portions of the form must be completed in order to be eligible for services.

      Download Title VI form (.pdf)

Additional Funds:
In addition to funds from the federal and state education offices the program also requests additional educational money from local Indian communities to meet student needs. Through the City of Mesa the program receives additional funds from the Fort McDowell Yavapai-Apache Nation. These additional funds make it possible to provide academic services in other areas that federal funds may not meet.

What does Title VI, Impact Aid and JOM do?

  • Website - provides all the information regarding services, parent committee meeting dates, staff directory, and required forms.
  • Eaglewings Newsletter - Program newsletter set up to inform students and parents of scholarships, summer programs and other educational related information. If your student is involved in a positive activity submit an Eaglewings news announcement. Announcements may be hand carried, mailed, or submitted online to the NAEP office. A submission form can be found the 'Eaglewings' page on the NAEP website.
  • Instructional Assistants - Instructional Assitants (IA's) are assigned to a 'target school' to assist students in the classroom and to work with teachers as directed by the school's Title I teacher and the principal.
  • Tutoring:
    - All MPS junior and senior high schools offer tutoring in groups and/or by teacher. 
    - NAEP can provide teacher contact information to parent/guardian and student in order for parent/guardian and/or student to inquire about teacher
    availability for tutoring or other instructional assistance.
    - K-6th: NAEP will provide teacher contact information and assist with tools needed for at home, supplemental, parental instruction.
    -NAEP liaison will tutor students at non-target schools depending academic level, provided the student has appropriate forms on file, good attendance, parental support and teacher recommendation. 
  • Home School Liaison Services - provides academic and attendance support services to students; referrals to district services, counseling programs and other support programs; consults with parents via home, school and phone contacts.
  • Certified Teachers - 1 teacher at Westwood High School, 1 teacher at Kino Junior High and 1 teacher at Carson Junior High, all provide enrichment services to students.
  • Native American National Honor Society - recognizes students with a cumulative GPA of 4.0 +
  • Graduating Seniors Banquet - Award ceremony for graduating seniors and to acknowledge the Native American Honor Society graduating seniors.
  • Parent Advisory Committee - Parent group that meets several times over the school year to discuss school issues and program services. A great place to meet other parents. Potlucks, cookouts, fundraisers, and more.

    Intown Students:
  • In addition to the services listed above, Intown Native American students are eligible for the following services.
  • Tuition Assistance (dependent on funding) - students in grades 9-12 may be eligible to recieve tuition assistance summer school, A-hour, MDLP classes. Our program will assist with one class, non-credit recovery fee per school year. Student must have a Title VI and JOM form on file in our office and must meet the following criteria: 

No Failing grades

2.5+ GPA;

and five or fewer absences over the past two semesters.

  • Study Skills Supplies - Supplies are given once every semester to students enrolled in Mesa Public Schools and have the necessary forms filed in our office.
  • JOM Funding - Provides payment of school related expenses for Jr. & Sr. High "Intown" students. Limited to: 1 elective/lab class fee (one per semester) and/or 1 set of safety goggles (one set school year)