Keeping our district network safe

The district network is an integral part of our daily work lives and must be protected from cyberattacks. You may have read about the recent ramsomware, WannaCry, or experienced the Google Doc phishing scam that threatened our email system. These cyberthreats to computer networks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and difficult to block.


Mesa Public Schools must balance the latitude we provide our employees to use technology resources with our ability to maintain network security. To date, the district has successfully maintained its network security, however, additional measures are needed to ensure it remains so in the future.

Improving network security

One important step to improving network security is to increase oversight of the software downloaded to district devices. We know an employee would never knowingly download malware. But even the most tech savvy person can be fooled by today’s hackers.


To achieve this increased oversight, the district’s network policy has been revised to remove individual user rights to download software directly from the internet. Instead, users will download software from the MPS Software Center. While this alternate route may feel cumbersome at first, it is an industry best practice and an important step in preventing catastrophic network failure.

MPS Software Center Information