The MPS Software Center

While a variety of productivity software is pre-installed on your computer, you may need access to software that is not included in the district's base image. The Software Center has been created to provide district employees access to additional software components.

If the software you are looking for is not in the Software Center, please fill out the Software Request Form. While the goal is to provide rapid service, priority will be given to high-use software. Any personal-use or personally-owner software should be downloaded on a personal device, as it will not be added to the Software Center or be installed on a district computer. Associated files should also be transferred to the personal device.

What's in the Portal?

View a list of currently available software titles.

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Download software while you are at work.

Access the Software Center Outside the Network

Download software while at home or away.

Request a Software Title

Not seeing what you need? Request a specific software title be added to the portal.

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