MPS Software Download Portal
Available Titles (Last Updated 6/21/17)


A+ Software  A+ Plus: Software suite from Aver containing Sphere2 (doc cam) and ClassSend software.

 Adobe DC Adobe DC: Software for reading, creating, and editing PDF files.

 Audacity Software Icon Audacity: Open-source audio software for multi-track recording and editing.

 AzMERIT Software Icon AzMERIT: Secure browser software used for the administration of the AzMERIT test.


 Citrix Software Icon Citrix Online Web Deployment Helper: Software necessary for utilizing Citrix online meeting solutions (GoToMeeting & GoToWebinar)

 Class Notebook Add-In IconClass Notebook Add-in: Allows teachers to quickly distribute Class Notebook content to one or more classes, specific students or student groups.

 CPS Clicker Icon Classroom Performance Systems: Management software used in conjunction with "clickers"

Copier Portal Installer Icon Copier Portal Installer: Allows you to assign a copy machine as a printer.


 docking Station IconDocking Station Drivers: Allows Lenovo and Dell devices to work with the Lenovo USB 3 docking stations

Dropbox Icon Dropbox: Desktop software for using the Dropbox cloud storage solution.


 Examview IconExamView Assessment Suite: Assessment generation software to be used in conjunction with vendor-supplied question banks.


Filezilla Icon Filezilla: FTP client.


 Geogebra 5 Icon Geogebra 5: Math calculators software (version 5).

Geogebra 6 Icon Geogebra 6: Math calculators software (version 6).

GIMP Icon GIMP: Open-source image editor.

Google Drive Icon Google Drive: Desktop software for using the Google Drive cloud storage solution.


iTunes Icon iTunes: Software for organizing music and creating playlists.


LAME Icon LAME Encoder: MP3 encoder often used in conjunction with Audacity.

Learning tools for OneNote Icon Learning Tools for OneNote: Add-in for Microsoft OneNote designed to improve the reading and writing experience for students.


Notepad++ Icon Notepad++: Source code editor


activeX Controller Icon Onbase ActiveX Controller: Controller necessary for the proper function of the OnBase application.

Onetastic Icon Onetastic for Microsoft OneNote:  Multi-purpose add-in for OneNote including OneCalendar, favorties pinning, image cropping, etc.


SMART Learning Suite Icon SMART Learning Suite: SMART lesson delivery, assessment, and student collaboration software. Trial version only. Licensing available through participation in coursework offered through EdTech.

SMART Notebook 11.4 IconSMART Notebook 11.4: SMARTBoard lesson creation and presentation software.

Sphere2 Icon Sphere2: Aver software to support the use of classroom document cameras.


TI Connect Icon TI Connect: Software that allows for connectivity between a computer and graphing calculator.