June 2, 2016: Learn why it's great to be a teacher
May 27, 2016: Class of 2016 graduates
May 26, 2016: Six summer daytrips for students
May 20, 2016: Six district high schools to live-stream graduation ceremonies
May 2, 2016: Board proclaims Teacher Appreciation Week
April 29, 2016: Lisa McGee named April Volunteer of the Month
April 29, 2016: Board honors April Employees of the Month
April 26, 2016: Nine Mesa schools win 2016 A+ award
April 26, 2016: Westwood High School students create a chain of kindness
April 25, 2016: Join us at the Student Service Awards
April 21, 2016: Four district students selected as Flinn Scholars
April 19, 2016: Three district schools honored for STEM excellence
April 14, 2016: Board recognizes April Students of the Month
April 13, 2016: Board proclaims Public School Volunteer Week
March 30, 2016: Pat Kutzbach named March Volunteer of the Month
March 30, 2016: Board honors March Employees of the Month
March 9, 2016: Board recognizes March Students of the Month
March 9, 2016: Mesa Public Schools partners with Benedictine University on scholarships for employees, students
March 2, 2016: Red Mountain, Westwood seniors win Student Community Service Awards
February 29, 2016: Board honors February Employees of the Month
February 26, 2016: Deanna Milligan named February Volunteer of the Month
February 23, 2016: Mesa Public Schools presents the 2016 SciTech Expo
February 11, 2016: Board recognizes February Students of the Month
February 9, 2016: Mesa High and Skyline students earn full scholarships to Emory and Stanford universities
January 28, 2016: Shelly White named January Volunteer of the Month