Boeing funds Engineering is Elementary program

The Boeing Company presented a $115,000 grant to Mesa Public Schools to enhance interest and achievement in science, technology, engineering and math.

Boeing check presentationBoeing's Mary Baldwin presented a check to Sean Enright, MPS curriculum director, and Suzan DePrez, assistant superintendent, at the Salk Elementary Flight Center. 

Thanks to The Boeing Company, elementary and junior high students will design bridges, water filters, lighting systems, biomedical devices, oil spill solutions, submersibles, electrical circuits and many more everyday applications in the Engineering is Elementary program.

Boeing awarded MPS a $115,000 grant to fund training for 122 teachers, who will present the program to 3,660 students this school year.

Introducing important STEM concepts

“We are excited about this opportunity,” said Sean Enright, MPS curriculum director.

“It will allow us to introduce important science, technology, engineering and math concepts to our students and allow us to build a strong STEM pipeline from our elementary and junior high schools to more in-depth study at the high school level.

"With the number of high quality STEM-related jobs projected in the future, this experience is invaluable to our students and our community,” Enright added.

Meeting needs and challenges facing society today

Developed by the Museum of Science in Boston, Mass., Engineering is Elementary has reached 32,000 teachers and 2.7 million students in all 50 states so far. 

The program focuses on engineering practices and problem-solving skills to meet the needs and challenges facing society today — generating sufficient energy, preventing and treating disease, and maintaining supplies of fresh food and water. As part of our science curriculum, Engineering is Elementary meets Arizona's Academic Standards and Common Core Standards.

Increasing the number of scientists, engineers for our workforce

“Boeing has a strategic community focus to increase teacher effectiveness in math and science and to attract more students into STEM-related careers,” said Mary Baldwin, Arizona community investor for Boeing global corporate citizenship.

“Engineering is Elementary will provide teachers and students a greater understanding of engineering, and it accomplishes that in a fun, interactive way. Our goal is to interest students in engineering at an early age and increase the number of scientists and engineers for Arizona’s future workforce.”

— Helicopter simulator photo by Paul Boyer of MPS, check presentation photo by Boeing's Mike Goettings


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