Rodel Foundation names Exemplary Teachers

Amy Hamilton of Redbird Elementary and Angela Herreras of Stevenson Elementary won $10,000 Rodel Exemplary Teacher Awards.

The Rodel Charitable Foundation of Arizona named two Mesa educators among 11 valleywide winners of the Rodel Exemplary Teacher Awards:




Amy Hamilton  
Redbird Elementary School
First Grade




Angela Herreras 
Stevenson Elementary School
Sixth Grade

Exemplary Teachers win $10,000 U.S. Savings Bonds and the opportunity to supervise and mentor six Rodel Promising Student Teachers over the next three years.

The need for enough teachers in the classroom is great. The need for highly effective teachers in every classroom is even greater. The Rodel Charitable Foundation of Arizona created the Rodel Exemplary Teacher Initiative to address the shortage of effective teachers in Arizona’s neediest schools and to maximize students’ educational experience one classroom at a time.

Rodel works with Arizona colleges of education and teacher preparation programs to pair Rodel Exemplary Teachers with the very best student teachers. Rodel Promising Student Teachers complete their student teaching with a Rodel Exemplary Teacher who models excellence and helps the student teacher become an extraordinary teacher.

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