ADE names Reward Schools

The Arizona Department of Education commended nine Mesa Title I schools as Reward Schools for increasing student achievement.

Shepherd Junior HighShepherd Junior High, a high performance Title I school, won Arizona's A+ School of Excellence award in 2012.

The Arizona Department of Education designated nine Mesa Title I schools as Reward Schools in recognition of their high student performance or high academic progress or both.

Johnson and O'Connor elementaries earned top marks for high performance and progress.

Reward Schools achieve annual measurable objectives designed to guide, support and improve student achievement in reading, language arts and math; to increase graduation rates; and to close the achievement gap among English language learners and students with disabilities.

Title I Reward School categories

  • High Performance Reward Schools are honored for outstanding achievement, over a number of years, as measured by Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards.  
  • High Progress Reward Schools are recognized for being among the top 10 percent of Arizona schools making the most advancements in the proficiency of all students, based on AIMS results, and significantly closing the achievement gap.

MPS Reward Schools

School High 
Bush Elementary X   Tracy Olson
Entz Elementary  X   Greg Reid
Highland Elementary  X   Suzi Rollins
Johnson Elementary X X Cara Steiner
Mendoza Elementary    X Kent Ashton
O'Connor Elementary  X X Scott Eshman
Sousa Elementary   X Liz Mullavey
Fremont Junior High   X Todd Roberts
Shepherd Junior High X   Eileen Cahoon


Congratulations to our schools for this well-deserved honor.


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