Rhodes duo win Great Moments in Teaching Award

Jeannine Kuropatkin and Allison McIntosh of Rhodes Junior High were honored for creating and presenting a lesson titled Hungry Planet: A Gastronomical Tour of the World.

Jeannine and AllisonAllison McIntosh teaches science. Jeannine Kuropatkin teaches social studies. They were honored at a school board meeting for winning Arizona's Great Moments in Teaching Award.

The Arizona Council for the Social Studies presented Allison McIntosh and Jeannine Kuropatkin the Great Moments in Teaching Award at the council's annual fall conference.

They were honored for creating and coordinating a lesson titled Hungry Planet: A Gastronomical Tour of the World. Each received a plaque and $100 in cash earlier this month. 

The lesson won for creativity; meaningful content that fosters knowledge, skills and values essential for democratic citizenship; and engaging and motivating teaching methods. Based on the theme "global food issues," students in each Rhodes homeroom were assigned specific countries to research in the areas of:

  • the role of food in culture and traditions
  • food and its impact on health
  • sustainability and food security issues
  • the role of globalization of food in economics and trade

Homeroom classes created Country Pavilions to showcase their research via student-created exhibits, maps, posters and projects. Students had a chance to "tour" one another's Country Pavilions on GeoSummit Walkabout Day. 

At the council's fall conference for teachers throughout Arizona, Kuropatkin presented a workshop titled Geography Awareness Week and the New Age of Exploration. Kuropatkin is the state coordinator of Geography Awareness Week, which takes place Nov. 17-23. 



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