Eisenhower wins character education award

Character Education Three Minutes a Day was named one of Arizona's top three programs.


Eisenhower announcers present daily scripts in the prize-winning program titled Character Education Three Minutes a Day.

The Arizona Department of Education selected Character Education Three Minutes a Day at Eisenhower Elementary as one of three statewide winners of the 2009 Promising Practices in Character Education Award. Each winner received $100.

Character Education Three Minutes a Day was written by Peggy Morris, counselor. The school day starts with a one-minute script read on morning announcements by two to four students. Two-minute classroom discussions follow.

Scripts focus on one of six pillars of character — respect, responsibility, caring, trustworthiness, fairness and citizenship. Scripts also cover courtesy, attitude, effort and self-control.

Donna Blackmer, second-grade teacher, said “The students are developing listening, questioning and leadership skills through the messages and discussions.” Maya Garcia, second-grader, said, “The announcements show me how to be a better person.” Niki DePuma, sixth-grader, said, “More people focus on the donut and not on the hole.”

“That’s where Eisenhower likes the focus to be!” Morris added. “Kids and parents love it. It’s even increasing parent involvement. Parents come to school to listen to their children read the scripts and take pictures to commemorate the day.”


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