Mesa High band wins state championship title

Mesa High School Marching Band named tops in Division II at the Arizona State Marching Band Championship Nov. 14.

Mesa High bandThe Mesa High School Marching Band took first place in Division II of the 2015 Arizona State Marching Band Championships Nov. 14 at Glendale Community College. Mesa High also won awards for Outstanding Percussion, Outstanding Auxiliary, Outstanding General Effect and Outstanding Music. The band is led by Mesa High band directors Robert Brooks and Jeff Quamo.

"The powerful combination of the leadership of Robert Brooks and Jeff Quamo creates an outstanding association," says Ruth Argabright, district music specialist. "This team consistently produces ensembles of students who are musically prepared and produce a gorgeous, distinct tone. Mesa High band students work together as a team and reflect the outstanding teaching that takes place in their band room and on the field."

The hardworking students and directors were thrilled about their performance of their 2015 show, "A Lasting Impression." Taking first place was the icing on the cake for the proud students.

"The band peaked at a good time and had one of their stronger performances of the season," Quamo explains. "The kids worked hard all season and continued to improve. It was nice for them to have their efforts and accomplishments recognized. The art and activity of marching band inspires students to work together to improve. We always say that the process of improvement is more important than the placement in a competition. If you are motivated to improve for the right reasons, then the focus is to take pride in the progress you make. Our hope is that the work ethic and respect they displayed throughout the season carries on with them off the marching field, as well into their classroom studies and their relationships with their families at home."

Westwood High School and Red Mountain High School took sixth and seventh place, respectively, in Division II. Skyline High School placed sixth in Division III, while Mountain View High School took eighth place in Division I.

(Photo by Tim Hacker/Mesa Public Schools)


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