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Celebrate Citizenship Day, Constitution Week

At their Sept. 11 Governing Board meeting, members proclaimed Citizenship Day on Sept. 17 and Constitution Week from Sept. 17 to 23 in Mesa Public Schools.


Citizenship Day and Constitution Week

Convention delegates ratified the United States Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787. This remarkable document bears witness to the wisdom of our nation’s founders. To continue this legacy, we honor the Constitution and promote its principles. 

WHEREAS, the United States celebrates the oldest written Constitution in the world; and

WHEREAS, Mesa Public Schools teaches students to respect and uphold the Constitution, civil rights and responsibilities; and

WHEREAS, the Constitution’s promise of freedom and opportunity has been a steadfast rock of national strength and stability;

The Governing Board and superintendent of Mesa Public Schools do hereby proclaim —

September 17 as Citizenship Day 
and September 17-23 as Constitution Week

We encourage the community to join students and staff in observing this special day and week — by reflecting on the importance of active citizenship and by reaffirming the enduring strength of our Constitution.

Governing Board proclamation

Governing Board members


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