Jeffrey Abrams named Maricopa County Exemplary Principal

The Franklin at Brimhall Elementary and Franklin Junior High principal received the award at a top-secret ceremony September 21, 2020.

Jeff Abrams Exemplary Principal group photo with Steve Watson, Andi Fourlis and Elaine MinerAt a surprise celebration September 21, 2020, Franklin at Brimhall Elementary and Franklin Junior High Principal Jeffrey Abrams received the Exemplary Principal Award from Maricopa County School Superintendent Steve Watson. A small group of guests attended in person, while staff, students and families watched the event via livestream. 

The award is presented to administrators who exemplify practices and leadership that contribute to high expectations and exceptional student learning. Nominees undergo a rigorous five-step evaluation that includes a teacher/staff survey, site visit and data review.

Principals who receive the award successfully:

  • engage staff, parents and community in developing an effective school culture
  • use data to guide instruction and decisions regarding staff development
  • have a history of high teacher retention
  • demonstrate the ability to develop and inspire others

"It is an honor to recognize Jeffrey Abrams as an Exemplary Principal," says Superintendent Watson. "He is a strengths-based leader who has developed a strong culture of learning for both students and teachers. He has created a warm and caring environment where everyone feels valued and celebrated. In searching for great principals across Maricopa County, Jeffrey stood out as a positive force in education."

Colleagues say Abrams is a strong communicator who goes above and beyond in celebrating others and putting students first.

"I am honored and humbled to receive this award," Abrams says. "This is an individual award that also represents the time, effort and dedication of the entire school community. The Exemplary Principal Award is shared with all the teachers and staff who go above and beyond every day, and the dedicated students who strive to achieve their highest potential with the support of their families. We pride ourselves on focusing on what is best for students, and use that as the driving force behind all decisions we make."


(Pictured left to right: Maricopa County Superintendent Steve Watson, Mesa Public Schools Superintendent Andi Fourlis, Principal Jeffrey Abrams and Governing Board President Elaine Miner. Photo by Heidi Hurst/Mesa Public Schools)


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