First Grade Team

Lucy Harris                Room 5            472-7855

Brianne Hurst         Room 6             472-7856


Madison Frazee         Room 8             472-7858




First Grade Curriculum



First grade instruction concentrates on all five basic components of reading (The Big 5).


Phonemic Awareness:  The ability to hear and manipulate sounds in spoken word, the understanding that spoken words consist of speech, sounds and an awareness of the individual sounds.


Phonics:  The study of the relationship between letters and sounds they represent.


Vocabulary:  The understanding of words and meanings and being able to do something with it.


Comprehension:  Connecting what the reader already knows.  Constructing meaning that is reasonable and accurate by connecting what has been read to what already is known.


Fluency:  The ability to read quickly, effortlessly, and efficiently with good meaningful expression.



The first graders are learning addition, subtraction, graphing, beginning geometry and algebra, measurement, beginning fractions, telling time to the half-hour, and counting money.



Writing is incorporated in a variety of daily assignments.  Emphasis is placed on punctuation, capitalization and good mechanics.  Our goal is to create quality pieces of writing by May. 



Social Studies and Science

District kits include:  Solids and Liquids, Habitats, Sky Watchers, Rocks, Soil and Water, Measurement, and Everyone Is Special. Students also study holiday and history through teacher created units.