2nd Grade Teachers:

Mrs. Faust         Room 7         472-7857

Mrs. Inglish       Room 10       472-7860

Mrs. Coyne        Room 11       472-7861

2nd Grade Calendar of Events and Thematic Units

Aug/Sept   Welcome Back to School
Oct. Creepy Campout
Nov. Settling the West Social Studies Unit
Feb. Valentine Celebration
  Weather Science Unit
Mar. Dr. Seuss Literature Study
  Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash
Apr. District Testing
May End of Year Celebration


abc book



 Accelerated Reader


Accelerated Reader (AR) is a reading program that provides teachers with an easy and effective way to monitor all forms of guided reading practice. Teachers get detailed, objective data to target instruction and ensure success for every student, regardless of level.

The goals of the program are to improve reading skills, provide an opportunity for all students to read independently, ensure success for each student as a reader, build student self confidence, inspire a love of reading, and develop lifelong learners. (more...)


 Important Information about Reading Fluency

Arizona State Standards has established benchmarks for reading fluency each quarter. Your child will be tested on a written passage for one minute. During that minute they must read as many words correctly as they can. Errors are subtracted from the total number of words read. Grades are then given according to established district guidelines.

What is fluency?

Fluency is the ability to read text accurately, quickly, and with expression.

Why is fluency important?

Fluency increases the reader’s understanding of what is read.

How is fluency developed?

* Practice, practice, practice!
* Model fluent, expressive reading when reading out loud to your child.
* Encourage your child to check out books from the library that are within their Accelerated Reader Zone of Proximal Development. (ZPD) * Have your child Reread Take Home Books (Students who read and reread text orally,
with guidance
, become more fluent readers.)
* Make sure your child reads at home
EVERY day!

How can I help my child strengthen their individual reading fluency?

Use the “Take Home books” that will be sent home for practice. Time your child for one minute and count the number of words your child reads correctly. These books can be repeated over and over to build speed and confidence. Check with your child because these will be sent home each week.

Number Buddies Math Program


All students start with the number buddy (fact families) of 3. The Number Buddy 3’s math flashcards will be sent home.  These are not to be written on in any way. They are strictly to build your child’s speed and accuracy.

If your child truly has mastered a fact they should be able to look at the card and give the answer with absolutely no hesitation. Please practice with them until they can do this.

New sets of flashcards will be sent home in responsibility folders. You do not want to allow your child to get behind as the groups of flashcards will continue to increase in size and difficulty until we have mastered through the 18’s.

Daily practice for 5-10 minutes is all that is necessary. The key to mastery is daily practice with an adult. Children that spend this time with daily practice will master these facts quickly and feel confident in math. 


Birthday Treats


Birthday treats are ALWAYS welcome and appreciated. When you send birthday treats please follow the guidelines below.

Treats must be store-bought. No homemade treats are allowed.

Please send enough individually wrapped treats for 30 children.

Little Debbie Snacks, Popsicles, Fruit Roll-Ups, candy bars, Tootsie Roll Pops, Jolly Ranchers, lollipops, and ice cream bars are popular with the children.

If napkins or forks or spoons are needed to enjoy the birthday treat, send them as well.