4th Grade Teachers:

Mrs. Rhoten                   Room 22             472-7872

Ms. Rutledge                  Room 23           472-7873

Mrs. Clabaugh          Room 24  472-7874


4th Grade Supply List



We will be using a variety of children’s literature to teach fourth grade reading skills. As well as being assigned stories from the textbook, students will be reading other selections of children’s literature. Some of the books will correlate with our science, social studies and reading units. Students will work individually and in small groups on reading practice skills and activities assigned by the teacher.

Accelerated Reading Program (AR)

Students will also continue to participate in the AR program which is designed to increase reading fluency and comprehension while fostering a love of reading. Students choose books based upon their tested reading level and earn points by correctly answering questions on a computerized test. Students are required to read 20 pages a night, even on weekends, to keep up with their reading goals that are set each quarter. An AR Student Recort (See Printout in Folder) will be sent out throughout the quarter to keep parents up to date with their child’s independent reading practice.

Written Communication

Writing skills are acquired through frequent writing assignments as well as lessons in punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure, proper usage, parts of speech, and reference skills. We will use the Six Traits Writing process and rubric to help develop better writing skills. (See Six Traits Handout)


In fourth grade the emphasis is on subtraction, multiplication, division, problem solving skills, measurement, graphing, geometry, fractions, and probability. We will be working on memorizing math facts, especially multiplication. At fourth grade level, students are expected to accurately solve addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems at the rate of 60 problems in 3 minutes. Division problems should be accurately solved at the rate of 60 problems in 4 minutes. Math Blast Packets will be sent home frequently to practice math facts.


Look for your child’s spelling list at the beginning of each week. The list will also include challenge words which are pulled from the content of the reading, science, and social studies curriculum. Most spelling practice is assigned as independent study in the form of homework assignments. Words should be practiced every night. Weekly tests will be given on Fridays.

Social Studies and Science

The state of Arizona is the focus of the fourth grade Social Studies curriculum. Studies include the geography and history of Arizona. Students will learn the counties, state government, the Arizona desert, mapping skills and more. In Science, students will learn the content and processes of science and health through experiments, individual and group projects, research and whole group instruction. Our unit titles include Variables, Energy and Magnetism, Earth Wind and Fire, Every Drop Counts, and Survivor.


Homework is assigned every Monday through Thursday (except for AR). Students will receive instruction in the particular skill area before homework is assigned. Generally, students will have spelling and math as homework on a daily basis, along with 20 pages from their AR book and practicing their math facts.  AR reading is expected over the weekends, 20 pages each night.


Daily assignments, periodic tests, projects, participation in activities and behavior will all be factors in evaluating your child’s growth and progress. Progress reports will be sent home at mid quarter, or as needed. Fourth graders will now be receiving letter grades (A, B, C, etc.) on their report cards. Report cards will be sent home four times during the year.  (See Sample) Student’s graded work will be sent home every other Friday. Please take the time to look through the work with your child to discuss possible areas of improvement along with work done well!

Additional reminders…

Birthdays: Please remember that all treats sent to school must be store bought. Any homemade goods will be sent home due to food allergies and other health concerns. This is a Mesa Public Schools policy that is strictly enforced.