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5th Grade Supply List

5th Grade Curriculum

Program Overview:
The combination of our role as teachers and your role as parents is vital in achieving a successful and positive school year, in which students learn to take more responsibility for their behavior and education. Fifth grade is a year of physical, social, emotional, and academic changes.

The daily assignment calendar and your child’s binder are important tools in achieving organization and responsibility. Please review these materials with your child nightly. Providing a quiet study area to encourage study skills, homework completion, neatness, and organization helps support your child’s success in school. You can expect an average of 45 minutes homework daily. Nightly homework assignments always include: practicing math facts and independent reading of AR books. Additional homework might include: written work in any subject area and studying for upcoming tests or quizzes.

Discipline Plan:
Click on this link to view O’Connor’s school discipline plan.

Fifth graders will study basic computation of whole numbers and decimals, place value (whole numbers and decimals), graphing, geometry, fractions, probability, measurement, problem solving, discrete mathematics, and algebra.

Written Communications
Lessons will include the 6 + 1 Traits of writing, spelling, and grammar. These skills will be applied in various writing modes which including letter writing, journals, narratives, poetry, expository, and functional pieces.

The O’Connor fifth grade teachers utilize a variety of resources in developing the students’ reading skills. The district adopted reading textbook is used in conjunction with literature studies, skill activities, and selections with an emphasis on genre themes. Students will also experience success and the enjoyment of literature through their participation in the Accelerated Reading Program.

The core science units studied in fifth grade include Matter/Chemistry, Flight, Space, Human Body, and Forces/Simple Machines.

Social Studies
Fifth graders study American History with an emphasis on the following themes: Early Americans, European Exploration, Colonization, and the American Revolution. The curriculum also includes U.S. geography, states, and capitals.