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6th Grade Assignment & Grading Policies

Purpose of Homework:

When homework is assigned, it is a valuable aid in helping students make the most of the experience at school.

  • Homework reinforces the skills taught in the classroom throughout the day.
  • Homework teaches students to work independently, aiding in the evaluation of the student’s progress.
  • Homework practices responsibility, while helping students develop positive study habits and self-initiative.
  • Homework allows you, the parent, an opportunity to see what skills your child is currently working on in class.
  • Homework is not graded for accuracy, only noted for completion and will not affect a student’s overall grade.


Our 6th grade team expectations for student work are as follows:

  1. Students are to record their assignments daily in their agenda.
  2. ALL assignments are due the next day, unless otherwise noted.
  3. Major assignments (essays, projects, and reports) may be accepted late, but students may lose privileges until the assignment is turned in.
  4. Students must do their OWN work to the best of their ability. 
  5. Student work turned in must be neat and legible.
  6. Students are responsible for making up work missed due to absences. 
  7. Ask questions well in advance before the assignment is due if you do not understand something.

*Please note that students will not be excused from assignments because of an absence or parent note. As in the years to come, students are expected to complete their assignments in the time allotted. Time management is a very important skill that we are implementing into our students.

Grading Policies

Students can redo tests and quizzes upon student, parent, or teacher request.

Our 6th grade team expectations for student work are as follows:

Grading Scale is as follows:

Tests 60%

Quizzes 30%

Assignments 10%

  A 90-100%

B 80-89%

C 70-79%

D 60-69%

F 50-59%