6th Grade Team


Ms. Munoz Room 24 472-7874

Ms. Nicholas Room 25 472-7825 

Ms. Gleizier                            Room 23         472-7873




6th Grade Curriculum



*Number Sense and Operation

*Fractions, Decimals and Percents

*Data Analysis and Probability

*Patterns, Algebra and Functions

*Geometry, Measurement and Integers



*Reading Fluency


*Comprehension Strategies

*Literary Skills

*Comprehension – Literary Text

*Comprehension – Informational Text




*Writing Process

*6 Traits of Writing

*Writing for various purposes



*Cells to Systems

*Powering Our Future

*Oceanography and Extreme Weather

*Space Integrated Module


Social Studies

*Using tools of historical research


*Ancient Civilizations (Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece Rome, Medieval Europe, Renaissance)

*Major religions

*Regions of the world