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     Welcome to Kindergarten!  It is a privilege to be your kindergarten teacher for this year and have the opportunity to help you learn and grow.  Kindergarten will be a wonderful year!  From learning how to count up to a hundred, to learning to read simple books, there is a lot that we will teach you this year.  It will  be a great journey filled with challenges, but also great memories.  It may not always be easy, but in the end it will all be worth it as you develop the necessary skills to allow you to read and write on your own, as well as to add, and subtract.   I hope you are ready for a wonderful and fun year full of numbers, letters, words and more!    

Kindergarten Parents-
Welcome to O'Connor, and thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to help your child have a wonderful start to the school year.  We greatly appreciated all of your help and support you have given your children throughout the years and  look forward to meeting you and your child.  It makes a tremendous difference in your child's learning as you take the time to sit down and help your child practice their skills.  It is amazing to see the growth that each child makes in kindergarten from the beginning to the end and that is in part due to the support of parents like you.  Thank you again and we look forward to soon working with, teaching, and helping your child progress each day!

*Parents, thank you for all that you do in working with your child at home and helping your child learn.  It really makes a huge difference in a child's learning when they receive help and support in their schooling at home.  If you ever have any questions about your child or their education please feel free to call me.

Mr. LeSueur

Mr. John LeSueur

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This will be my tenth year teaching at O'Connor Elementary.  At O'Connor I have had the privilege of teaching Young Learners Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and 1st grade.  I have also taught at Sousa Elementary School and Taft Elementary School.  I cherish being a kindergarten teacher, and instilling in each child the love of learning.  It is astounding to see the amount of growth each child has made by the end of the year!  As for my own education, I attended and graduated from Arizona State University with an endorsement in Early Childhood Education.  Over the years, I have taken many hours of professional development in order to be prepared to meet each child's needs.

Mr. LeSueur's Kindergarten Website
Please feel free to explore all of the different parts to my website. My website is meant to be a resource to the parents of Mr. LeSueur's Kindergarten class.  Below is a brief synopsis of each of the different areas:

*****Please note that some of the pages below are updated throughout the year****
A Smart Start
a list of schools supplies need for school as well as a list of skills that you can work on to help them have a good start to kindergarten.
Class Calendar -
a calendar containing both class and school events (Updated for the 2018/2019  school year)

Field Trips -
overview of our field trips
for the year and contains links to printable permission slip forms if you need them.  
Kindergarten News
links to each of our newsletters listed by dates 

Links-Resources -
contains links to educational websites for your children
Meet the Teacher- Gives you access to information from Meet the Teacher.

Reading Folder -
overview of our reading folder with links to each of our skill sheets. +Math sheets, math fact cards, and sight word cards
Scholastic Book Clubs-  an explanation of the Scholastic Book Clubs and ordering books through scholastic as will as the list of monthly due dates for ordering from each month's catalog.
Parent Information- overview of special events for the year (Updated for the 2018/2019 school year)       
Specials - a list of all of our specials and their days and times 
Volunteer Calendar - links to our volunteer calendars 
Parent Teacher Conferenceslinks to our Parent Teacher Conference Info and sign-up calendars 

Weekly Homework - links to each of the kindergarten homework packets with the dates they are to be worked on. ***(Updated weekly)