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At the Department of Opportunity and Achievement we care deeply about supporting all students and families as they work to achieve their hopes and dreams. To  accomplish this, we provide several opportunity and achievement resources for students and families, including: AVID, counseling, academic advising, social services, prevention, and career services. We are a dedicated team of educators who prepare MPS students for college, career, and community. 

Mission: Advancing learning for all.

Vision: Partnering with schools to cultivate conditions for student success.

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Our Tiered Supports for Student Growth
Tier 1

AVID Schoolwide, High School Advising, K-8 Counseling, ECAP/Prepare to Succeed, FAFSA, Student Records

Tier 2

AVID Elective Class, Drug/Alcohol & Suicide Prevention, LEAD

Tier 3

Homebound, Social Workers, Crisis Counseling, Foster Care, Choose Success