Vaporizer/Tobacco Violation

This intervention is required if a student violates the policy below: 

Vaporizer/Tobacco Violation Possession, use, or distribution of a vaporizer (vape pen, e-cigarette, e-hookah, MODS, etc.) or any part thereof, including heating device, cartridge or liquid solution, and/ or possession, use or distribution of a tobacco product or paraphernalia. Vapor liquid will be tested for illegal drug content. Violations may result in criminal citations.

Please note this only applies to vape and non-vape tobacco/nicotine, and vape with undetermined product (based on admin. discretion).  Marijuana/THC vape violations are for LEAD.

As sited in the Information and Guidelines Handbookthe suspension length will be determined by administration.

  vaporizer violation table


Steps for Students/Parent/Guardians

1.Please fill out the paperwork. Look to the left of the screen ONEder Form.
2. Once the administrator fills out the registration form you will then enter the ONEder Canvas class.
3. Log into your Canvas and find ONEder class and begin. 
4. You are NOT required to attend the Live LEAD class. 
5. If you have any questions please contact Dr. Valenzuela. or 480-472-0871.

Steps For Administration 
  1. Click on Red button top left of page and enter into tracking form.
  2. Ask Parent/Guardian to fill out paperwork.
  3. Monitor students through Canvas ONEder class and verify completion.
  4. Students do not have to complete any live classes for ONEder.

For second violations please refer to your Information and Guidelines handbook

ONEder Program- Registration form

To Notify District Office of ONEder Initiation

ONEder Form

Student and Parent Agreement (English)
Google Doc

ONEder Form

Student and Parent Agreement (English)
Fillable PDF

ONEder Form

Student and Parent Agreement (Spanish Version)
Google Doc

ONEder Form

Student and Parent Agreement (Spanish)
Fillable PDF

The Real Deal About Vaping and Tobacco

This course educates young adults about the physical effects of all forms of tobacco use; including vaping, smoking, and chewing. The course was developed based on open-source resources such as the CDC, SmokeFree, American Lung Association, and others. In this course, students will explore ways to stop using tobacco, if they started, and ways to say no to tobacco products. 


By the end of this course, students will be able to identify the dangers of using tobacco products and ways to refrain from using them or stop using them if they already are.