A History of Excellence:  MPS Guidance and Counseling

Comprehensive School Counseling

Educational and Career Planning

Teaching Guidance Lessons

Professional Development

Excellence in comprehensive school counseling

Mesa Public Schools has been on the cutting edge of results-based, comprehensive school counseling since 1974.  See samples from our "A systematic approach to guidance:  Assessing desired outcomes."

Our MPS guidance program has been focusing on accountability for results since 1973.  See samples from Toward Accountability:  A Report on the Mesa Approach to Career Guidance, Counseling, and Placement."

In 1972 one of our excellent school counselors Mr. Duane Richins presented a paper at the sixth annual National Vocational and Technical Education Seminar entitled "Possible Changes in the Professional Role of a Counselor."  Among other things, this paper stated that changes would necessitate "more time out of the counseling office and into the classroom helping teachers and students."

In 1992 the Mesa Public Schools Guidance and Counseling Department published a "Student Outcome-Based Counseling and Guidance Program." 

Excellence in Educational and Career Planning

In February of 2008, the Arizona State Board of Education passed a rule that requires every student to have an Educational and Career Action Plan (ECAP).   In MPS, we've been helping students develop Educational and Career Action Plans since 1984!  See our ECAP from 1984.

excellence in teaching guidance lessons

We started teaching guidance lessons in the early 1970s with written student objectives.  See samples from our 1974 Decision Making Lesson

We were still teaching students the academic skills they need to be successful in 1984.  See samples from our Career Guidance:  Study Smarter Not Harder student booklet.

Excellent in Professional Development

We held our own "Mesa Counselor Academy" in 1993 to teach our school counselors how to implement Comprehensive Competency-Based Guidance.  This was 10 years before the publication of the ASCA National Model! 


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