Are You Career Ready?

MPS school counselors encourage students to complete challenging courses during high school that will prepare them for jobs or higher education after graduation.  According to the U.S. Department of Education, students who complete a rigorous course of study in high school will earn 13 percent more in the workplace than those who don’t, regardless of whether or not they attend college.


MPS school counselors encourage students to take challenging courses:

  • Whether in the classroom, individually, or in small groups, our school counselors encourage students to take a challenging course of study that is consistent with their career and academic goals.
  • Our school counselors actively discourage students from withdrawing from courses. 
  • Using AP Potential, our high school school counselors actively encourage students to take AP and other advanced courses.   AP Potential is a free, Web-based tool that allows schools to generate rosters of students who are likely to score a 3 or better on a given AP Exam.
  • Our junior high school counselors use 8th grade AIMS and other test scores to identify students who might want to consider advanced courses in high school. 
  • School counselors and teachers host evening events which highlight their advanced courses.  They also uses printed materials to help students understand the commitment necessary to succeed in an advanced course .  Last, but certainly not least, they use tutoring, parent teacher conferences, and other interventions to help students who are struggling in an advanced course.