Preschool Student Enrollment


espanolWe count on parents to ensure that children attend school and arrive on time.

Parents are expected to inform the school when their children will be absent. If we don't hear from parents, the school will make reasonable efforts to notify parents within the applicable time periods prescribed by law. Let us know right away if you change phone numbers. Parents should provide notes from doctors and dentists to excuse children for appointments, illnesses or injuries. If parents do not authorize absences within one day after their children return to school, absences are unexcused. Parents who anticipate extended absences should contact the school. If they do not, children are withdrawn from school after missing 10 days in a row.

Students are tardy if they are not seated when the bell signals the start of class.

Health Acknowledgement

Mesa Public Schools does not provide accident medical/dental coverage for students for injuries/illnesses occurring at school. Parents may voluntarily purchase a student accident insurance plan. Parents are financially responsible for any medical, dental, ambulance, or other health care expenses or transportation home, which might occur as a result of such illness or injury. If your child needs medication or other health services at school, you must make arrangements with the school health office.

Homeless Assistance

A student may be considered eligible for services as a “Homeless Child or Youth” under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act if he or she is presently living:

  • In a shelter, temporary shared housing, or transitional living program
  • In a hotel/motel, campground, or similar situation due to lack of alternatives

  • At a bus station, park, car, or abandoned building

Please contact Homeless Assistance Services at 480-472-0291 for information.

Opt Out Options

District News and Media Coverage
Your child may be interviewed, photographed, or audio- or video-recorded by the news media or district staff for print, radio, television, internet content or other medium.

Directory Information
In limited situations, the district may disclose "directory information," which is the student's name, address, email address and telephone number; the parents' names, addresses and telephone numbers; the student's photograph; date and place of birth; class/grade level; enrollment dates; weight and height if the student is a member of an athletic team; awards received; and extracurricular participation. Unless the parent opts out of directory information releases, the district will disclose such information only if the request is from (i) a postsecondary institution such as a college or university; (ii) a law enforcement agency or the Department of Child Safety; or (iii) a vendor selected by the school to provide a school-related service, such as class photos and yearbooks. Under no circumstance will the district provide directory information to a person or entity for a mass marketing purpose.

How to Opt Out

  • You may opt out of district and news media coverage or directory information releases by completing an Opt Out form and submitting it to the school office within the first two weeks of school or enrollment, whichever is later.
  • This form must be resubmitted at the beginning of each school year. For more information, see the district's Information & Guidelines.

The Opt Out form is available in the school office or at Please also share your opt out selections with your child's teacher.