Specific Skills Patterson Instructors: 

Caitie Rozinski & Janela Livingston


The Specific Skills program serves students who are mildly impaired in cognitive and adaptive skills. Their development reflects a reduced rate of learning. The program provides an opportunity to achieve profiency in basic academics and general knowledge through functional programming. When appropriate, students are mainstreamed in general education classes. Through mainstreaming, students are able to identify with a general classroom setting, observe appropriate behaviors, build positive self-concepts, develop appropriate social skills, and participate in a variety of activites.  Junior and senior high programs are designed to help students increase survival skills that promote independence. The program also facuses on skills needed to become gainfully ejmployed in jobs that match their interest and abilities. The Specific Skills secondary programs also assist students by improving their self-awareness and importance as productive and responsible individuals in the home and community. High school students in the Specific Skills program may also be enrolled in a half-day transition program depending on the students' transition plan for their post-school outcome.