Ms. McQuilkin

Ms. Pamela McQuilkin  


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Hello Patterson students and parents! My name is Ms. Pam McQuilkin. I am one of the special education teachers for the 5th and 6th grade students here at Patterson Elementary School. My role as the special education teacher is to accommodate student learning needs as they participate in grade level academics. This may include implementing individual IEP accommodations, adapting the grade level curriculum, presenting whole group academic learning strategies, and/or providing individual and small group instruction as indicated. My duties may also entail providing social, organizational, and behavioral skills support.  My intent is to give students every opportunity to realize their potential and to become successful, independent learners within the general education classroom.


This past school year, I had the opportunity to observe many successful moments for our students with special needs. This year, your student’s general education teacher and I will be working collaboratively to plan and implement instruction that will meet each student’s individual academic needs. As the parents of one or more of our students, you are valued members of the education process, and we welcome and anticipate your input. Here’s to the beginning of a new school year filled with the excitement of education and learning!


Education Background


My teacher education began at Mesa Community College where, in 1996, I earned an AAS degree in Child Development. With an interest in serving students who have special needs, I continued my studies at Arizona State University where I pursued a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Special Education, graduating in 1999. In 2007, I completed my Master’s Degree in Special Education through Northern Arizona University (NAU), and also earned an endorsement for Structured English Immersion (SEI).


I began my teaching career for Mesa Public Schools in the Spring of 2000. I taught at Eisenhower Elementary, where I spent 8 years as the primary SLD resource specialist. This will be my 12th school year teaching at Patterson Elementary, and it's my privilege to continue as one of the 5th and 6th grade teachers of access for students with special learning needs.  


As an education professional, I believe learning is a lifelong endeavor and hope to continue in that process well beyond my career as a teacher. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make a difference in the life of your precious student. 


Ms. M's Favorites & Personal Background:


Color: Green

Subjects when I was in school: Writing, Music, Drama

Holiday: Christmas

Music Station: 89.1 KLOVE

Movie: Simon Birch 

TV: National Geographic, Discovery, History Channel, HGTV

Song: The Climb  

Social Network: Facebook

Sports Team: AZ Cardinals

Athlete: Larry Fitzgerald

Food: Seafood

Drink: Coffee  

Fruit: Citrus

Vegetable: Spinach

Free time (lol): Outdoor activities...gardening, camping, ATV riding, metal detecting, star gazing etc., spending time with my family & friends, taking my two chihuahuas (Chloe & Nacho) to the doggie park, doing volunteer work, reading, and traveling. 

My Family: I have two grown daughters (Leah & Erin) and their spouses (Mark & Brendan). One grown son (Kyle), his wife Danyel, and six granddaughters (Noelle, Mariah, McKenna, Emma, Rylee, and Addisyn). In addition, I have seven grandsons (Cortlind,Gavin, Draven, Konnor, Karson, Kane, and Linkin ), two chihuahuas (Chloe & Nacho), and last but not least...two brothers & two sisters (Peter, Jody, & Jennifer; who live in NJ, and brother Jim lives in FLA).

Birthplace: I was born and raised in Northern New Jersey, and have lived in Pennsylvania, Florida, and now Arizona for the past 28 years.