Payroll Forms

Due to their time-sensitive nature, these forms may be faxed or hand-delivered to the Payroll Department to expedite processing.

Any changes you would like made on the next pay date will need to be received in Payroll no later than the Thursday before that pay day.

Federal Tax Withholding Form (W-4)

Arizona State Tax Withholding Form (A-4) 

Direct Deposit Authorization Form  

Mesa Foundation Payroll Deduction

Professional Dues Revocation Form (MEA/AEA, MPE/AZPE) ***

***This form is only for deductions made through a payroll deduction. If you are paying dues
to MEA/AEA and/or MPE/AZPE, please contact their office in order to stop your deductions. 
To cancel your membership, you
must notify MEA/AEA and/or MPE/AZPE in writing.