TimeClock Plus (TCP) Information

Important Note for MacIntosh Computer Users:

TimeClock Plus is NOT compatible with the Safari web browser. You must use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox.

TCP Managers Information for Administrators, Directors, Supervisors, and Editors

TCP Manager Portal

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TCP User Manual

Click HERE for the User Manual for Editors and Approvers.

Manager Tips

Click HERE for a few Helpful Hints on Approving Time (Resolving the Period) in TCP.

TCP Manager Access

To add, change, or remove Manager Access, please use the I. S. Account Request form.

Employees All employees who swipe a badge or work a certified hourly position


Authorized for DISTRICT ISSUED computers or devices only.
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TCP Clock Features:

  • Paperless time sheets -- time is logged and approved electronically when you confirm a clock in or clock out on a wall clock or on the WebClock.
  • Paperless editing -- missed punches can be edited at the wall clock or on the WebClock. If a wall clock or WebClock is not accessible, a signed edit (green) slip may be submitted to your time editor. 
  • Paperless absence reports -- time off is requested through TCP (either at a wall clock in the Self Service area or on the Dashboard of the WebClock). *Salaried employees will request time off through the iVisions portal.

Clock Information Helpful Instructions and Videos for using TCP Clocks

TimeClock Plus Clock Training Videos

Please feel free to reference the WebClock and Wall Clock training videos for additional assistance.