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Extracurricular activity accounts are used at Pomeroy to fund everything from field trips to the purchase of musical instruments to after school tutoring.  As a donor you have the option of donating to the general fund or to a specific club or grade level.  Besides getting a dollar for dollar tax credit ($200 single, $400 married), you get the satisfaction of knowing that programs are being made available to students who otherwise might not get to play an instrument or participate in a program.

The majority of ECA donations actually come from grandparents and relatives who are often in a better cash-flow position than younger parents.  Please send people in this category our way when their accountants encourage them to take part in the State of Arizona's ECA tax credit win-win opportunity.  And for those of us living from paycheck to paycheck, keep in mind that donations of $25 add up quickly.

Now that District field trip funds have been eliminated due to the budget crunch, we will be relying heavily on ECA grade level donations to continue to provide these extra-curricular opportunities for our youngsters.