Suggested Observation Guidelines

Welcome to our Montessori Program. We love to share our classroom with those who are curious about what we do here at our school. To make your time in the classroom as successful and enjoyable as possible, we ask that you take the following guidelines into consideration.


Please remain in the seating provided for you and refrain from talking with the students, teachers or other observers. If a child approaches you or talks with you, please respond briefly but do not engage in any extended conversation or activity.

Observe the students (or your child) in relation to some of these points:

  • How are the children initiating their work? Is there completion of the work cycle?

  • Note the different lengths of time the children are involved in the work.

  • Observe that different children have different abilities to concentrate and be absorbed in their work.

  • How do some children, even when distracted, easily return to their work?

  • Are children exhibiting responsibility and respect?

  • Are children working in small groups? Note the level of interaction between and among children.

  • What are the different types of activities in which the children are engaged?

  • Note the manner in which the teacher presents a lesson?

  • Notice the individual reactions of the children to the presentations.

Thank you for coming. We hope you enjoy your time in the classroom. If you would like to arrange for a follow-up discussion with the teacher, please leave a message, or there may be an opportunity to speak with her briefly while in the classroom if time permits.