Reminder - Closed Campus - Please Read


Pomeroy is a closed campus. Please help up keep your students safe by adhering to our procedures. No adult should ever be in the school hallways/classrooms without first checking in to the office and providing photo I.D. This includes going to breakfast and walking students to class in the morning. 
Parents wishing to eat breakfast with their students should park in the West parking lot and enter directly into the cafeteria. When the bell rings, parents should leave to the West parking lot and students should proceed to class. If your student is in kindergarten, please know that there is an aide who picks them up directly from the cafeteria so that they do not have to walk to class alone. 
If your student is in kindergarten or needs assistance and arrives after the gate is locked, please know that a member of the office staff will escort your child to class. Students in need of an escort who are in the office waiting before the bell rings will not be considered tardy, so please be patient and we will assist you as soon as we can.
Additionally, parents may not join their students on the playground when it is time for recess. If you are visiting for lunch or volunteering in the classroom, please return to the office when you are done rather than join your student on the playground.
Thank you for your assistance in making Pomeroy the safest place it can be. As always, please contact the office if you have any questions or concerns.


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