Welcome to 1st Grade

Arizona State Standards

Ms. Allison Weiss
Room 20

Mrs. Traci Morales
Room 19

Mrs. Amanda Pedersen
Room 17


Reading is the foundation of first grade curriculum, and should be practiced nightly.  First graders can check out a library book each week, to bring home and share.  Please set aside time each evening to read with your child.
Birthday treats are always welcome as long as they are store bought and pre-cut (cookies are preferred).  If you want to bring treats, please call ahead of time and let your child's teacher know, so arrangements can be made.
It is very important that we know how your child is getting home so we can get them to their destination safely.  If at any time during the school year your child's transportation schedule changes, it is very important you let us know!  If they ride the bus every day and you decide you want to pick them up one day, we still need to know of these changes.  Thank you!
Please see your child's teacher's individual web page, under STAFF on the Pomeroy website.  Don't hesitate to call Mrs. Morales, Ms. Weiss, or Mrs. Pedersen if you have any questions.